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uniting hearts ecologically

SGP Sustainable Alliance (SGPSA) was established by a group of people who value ecological environment and environmental protection. We seek to implement the sustainable development agenda and promote the realization of the goal of "Han Wang 7 + 1 Ecological Community". Gathering domestic and international development agencies such as the International Beijing Professional Committee (Special Committee), think tanks, enterprises, social organizations and other stakeholders. We aim to initiate, establish, collaborate and cooperate to maximize green development efforts.

绿化联盟由一群热爱环境保护, 生态环境以落实可持续发展议程和推动实现《汉旺7加1生态社区》目标而成立。集结各国内与国际发展机构例如: 国际北京专业委员会(专委会)、智库、企业、社会组织及其他利益相关方协同合作,最大化绿色发展的努力成立和发起的。

Johnny Tan, Chairman

A Han Wang 7 + 1 ecological community jointly with other garden cities along the coastal lines to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals in the environment indicators related to development


联盟的主要目标是促进实现落实可持续发展议程和推动实现《汉旺7加1生态社区》目标。绿色发展国际共识、合作和一致行动,将可持续发展融入 7加1生态社区倡议,助力构建“7加1生态社区”, 共建沿海一带花园城市实现2030年可持续发展目标中环境与发展有关指标。

To promote the implementation of the sustainable development agenda


To promote the realization of the ”Han Wang 7 + 1 Ecological Community" through international consensus, cooperation and concerted action for green development


联盟的主要目标是促进实现落实可持续发展议程和推动实现《汉旺7加1生态社区》目标。绿色发展国际共识、合作和一致行动,将可持续发展融入 7加1生态社区倡议,助力构建 “7加1生态社区”, 共建沿海一带花园城市实现2030年可持续发展目标中环境与发展有关指标。

From left:

James Neo (Committee Member),

Ryan Leong (Committee Member),

June Ng (Vice-Chairman),

Johnny Tan (Chairman), and

Edmund Peck (Committee Member)